At the end of the Gospel, the server gives thanks on behalf of the people for the heavenly doctrine, saying, Laus tibi, Christe--"Praise be to Thee, O Christ."  The priest then kisses the book, out of reverence for the sacred words he has been reading and to show that they are to us a message of grace and mercy.  This is also indicated by the words he says: "May our sins be blotted out by the words of the Gospel."  From the earliest times, it has been customary at this point on Sundays and festivals to read the Gospel for the day from the altar, or to deliver an instruction from the pulpit--the sermon of our own time.  At the close of this instruction, the catechumens in the first centuries of Christianity used to leave the church.  The introduction to the Mass ends with the reading of the Gospel.

With the reciting of the Credo, or Nicene Creed, we pass to the Mass properly so called.  This confession of faith is the fruit of the Gospel that has been proclaimed.  The cardinal clause of the Creed is that which expresses the Incarnation of the Son of God, Et incarnatus est ["And He was made flesh"], at which the priest and all the people bend the knee.  The Credo is said on all Sundays, the festivals of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, the feasts of Apostles and Doctors of the Church, and on many other days, besides the octaves of feasts.  As this profession of faith follows upon the teaching we have received, so it prepares us for the celebration of the Holy Mysteries, for without a deep and lively faith, we can neither appreciate them nor profit by them.





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