To what lengths, O Jesus, does Thy love for us carry Thee, impelling Thee to interest Thyself so deeply in us, to do so much for us, to intercede so fervently on our behalf! Who would but rejoice to hear Mass if he knew that Christ Himself was pleading for his salvation--pleading not with words alone, but in order to give weight to His petition, offering Himself upon the altar and renewing His Passion in a mystical manner? Who could fail to place confidence in such an intercessor? Who would not desire to have this intercessor for his own? This desire can easily be fulfilled. We can readily make Him our own by hearing Mass devoutly. We know beyond a doubt that Christ, when hanging upon the Cross, commended in a special manner to His heavenly Father those of His followers who stood by the Cross and applied to them the fruits of His Passion; He even promised Paradise to the the thief on His right hand. No less is it beyond a doubt that Christ does the same for those who are present at Holy Mass, above all if they entreat Him to intercede for them and grant them a share in His sacrifice of Himself. He then pleads as powerfully for them as He did upon the Cross for His enemies. Can we question the efficacy of such a prayer? Nothing can serve to strengthen our hope more than the knowledge that the only-begotten Son of God vouchsafes daily to intercede for us and makes the affair of our salvation His own.